We find this new web based system especially efficient for the design industry
adderuppa - simple, hosted task timer and time management software
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How much is it worth ?

To keep an account active, you will need to pay a flat monthly fee of £2.50 regardless of how large your organisation is. You are encouraged to define the service's value to yourself, with the facility to create your own tariff as required.

How do I define the service's value to me ?
Some users will find that the service has greater value than others. For instance, if you already keep a basic tally of your hours you will have a reasonable idea of whether you are charging correctly, and so the value of the product could be measured in how much time you save by using an automated process.

Those of you who currently keep no record of time spent on your work will see the greatest benefit, by being shown how much money you are losing by not charging correctly. The number of users assigned to an account will obviously magnify any basic benefit.

As a guide, we think that freelancers might feel comfortable contributing between 5 and 10 per month. Small businesses with 4 or 5 employees might feel that between 15 and 25 per month is about right. And so on.

This tipping principal has attracted a number of wry smiles of incredulity when we have attempted to explain it. You can read a very interesting essay about the philosophy here, written by Robert Woodhead, who runs a successful resource for web promotion, www.selfpromotion.com. Radiohead applied this very principal to their latest release. Actually, so did Cliff Richard, but we won't dwell on that.

You can read more about the reasoning behind this policy at www.klopfen.co.uk, and answers to some common questions here.