It has worked so well for us that now I'm not sure where we'd be without it!
adderuppa - simple, hosted task timer and time management software
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Leap Media
"Adderuppa has completely changed the way we do business. Having always used paper time sheets, we were looking for a more flexible and reliable system for time management. We find this new web based system especially efficient for the design industry due to its ability to streamline activity and make job costing more accurate. What appealed to us particularly was the opportunity for off-site contractors and designers working remotely to record their project hours in synch with office based staff working on the same project. Adderuppa also enables us to monitor staff performance and targets more effectively. It has worked so well for us that now I'm not sure where we'd be without it!"
Clare Gardner
Leap Media Ltd
Graphic design, consultation and print management for the environmentally conscious, Cornwall, UK

Leap Media
"Adderuppa is a truly great piece of web based software as for years I had wrestled with traditional paper based time recording. Adderuppa has completely transformed how time on jobs is tracked and more importantly, charged! Thanks!"
Rupert Trigg
Dual Creative Limited
Creative solutions for print, exhibitions and the internet, Suffolk, UK

Irdial Discs
"Adderuppa is one of those apps you've always wished you had to hand, but which didn't exist. Its something that you thought MUST exist somewhere, but which inexplicably didn't. Well, someone has built it, and it's just what it should be. It keeps track of your work time in the same way that lawyers keep track of their time. And you know how good they are at that. Programmers need Adderuppa, and soon they will all know it."
Akin Fernandez
Irdial Discs
Music & Software, London, UK

Websight Ltd
"Web Sight Ltd has used adderuppa since early 2007 and during that time we have requested extra functions which have been provided. This tool is the best we have found for real time project management especially when more than one person is working on a project. The results it provides also makes adderuppa a valuable tool for quotations."
Ron Cox
Web Sight Ltd
Web development, Devon, UK

Can Can
"Here at Can Can Design we are working on multiple projects at any one time with more than one designer or programmer working together on a single project and in the past this has been a nightmare for time keeping and costing. With adderuppa the whole process is easy and simple to control with accurate time keeping and quotations available all on one easy to use web based application. Adderuppa has helped us control all of our clients projects and move the business ever closer to the paperless office.
A fantastic application that no design studio should be without!"
Richard Netherclift
Can Can
Design and Marketing, Devon, UK

"This is a great little application for any freelancers or those who work for clients on an hourly basis. It's easy to get your head around and flexible enough to do what you need it to do. Made me think a little more carefully about where my time goes every day!"
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