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adderuppa - simple, hosted task timer and time management software
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What does it look like ?


  1. This animated gif is displayed on all pages whenever tasks are being timed.
  2. An overview of current activity, listing how many projects are being worked on, the total time spent on them so far, the value of that time, any sundry costs logged, and the total fees quoted for those projects.
  3. Overdue projects and number of projects with either a 7 or 30 day deadline.
  4. Number and value of Current Quotes - dormant projects that are not yet active.
  5. Details of any tasks currently being timed.
  6. Blog posts that appear in the ‘interface design’, ‘bug fixes’, ‘new features’ or ‘announcements’ categories. These posts are important to relay to users, because they will highlight changes that might otherwise be missed during the day-to-day timing activity. The posts are listed on the dashboard for five days after the posts were created.

Open Tasks

open tasks
  1. Lists all incomplete tasks that the logged in user has been assigned to ( the account owner, and those users with 'Account' and 'Finance' privileges, are shown all tasks being worked on by all users ). Columns are sortable by Project title, Task title, Estimated time and Recorded time.
  2. Clicking 'start' sets the timer running ( multiple tasks can be timed simultaneously ) and an animated gif is displayed in its place. When at least one task is being timed, an animated gif is displayed to the far right of the green menu bar, on every page, as a reminder.
  3. View how long you think each task should take to complete.
  4. Recorded time to date, updated automatically when each timer is stopped.

Task Details

task details
  1. Each section expandable and collapsible.
  2. Task Details - title, description, client, project, estimated hours and assigned user(s).
  3. Timer Events - lists every occasion the timer has been run against this task. Each event is editable, handy for when you forget to hit 'stop' !
  4. Add as many notes about this task as you need.

Open Projects

open projects
  1. Lists all projects that are currently being worked on. Columns are sortable by Client name, Project title, time spent on a project, amount quoted, and deadline date.
  2. Recorded time to date, with the value of that time in the neighbouring column.
  3. Project deadline - overdue projects highlighted in red.
  4. Amount quoted.
  5. Total time recorded, value, and amounts quoted for all open projects.

Project Details

project details
  1. Produce a PDF document for each individual project, displaying as much, or as little information as you need.
  2. Each section expandable and collapsible.
  3. Project Details - status ( live or quote ), title, description, client, start date, deadline and purchase order number.
  4. Financial Details - hourly rate, quoted price, costs to date, invoice details. 'Produce invoice' does just that, creates a simple pdf invoice.
  5. Sundry Costs - add any items that need to be charged for.
  6. Tasks assigned to this project, estimated hours and recorded hours. The account owner, and those users with 'Account' and 'Finance' privileges, are shown all tasks being worked on by all users
  7. Start and stop each task's timer, time multiple tasks simultaneously.
  8. Completed tasks are not assigned a timer - click 're-open' if necessary.
  9. Total estimated hours and recorded hours, plus associated value.
  10. Record miscellaneous blocks of time i.e. meetings away from the office, time that cannot easily be timed as a task.
  11. Add as many notes about this project as you need.

Project PDF

project pdf
Adderuppa provides the facility to produce a pdf for each Project. Because you'll want to show different sets of information in different scenarios ( a complete record for our own filing, maybe, or just a simple breakdown of hours spent, without any associated costs, to present to clients, etc ), you have absolute flexibility to choose what to display. Pdfs can be sent to the browser or downloaded.

Project Invoice

project pdf
Create a very simple invoice for each Project. Yoiu have control over whether to charge tax, what to call the tax, and the rate to apply. You can choose to include your own logo and business details, or leave them off if you would rather print onto your own headed paper.

The invoice does not itemise time costs or sundry expenses, because these can be produced in as much or as little detail using the Project PDF, above.

Sundry Costs

sundry costs
  1. Group costs by type.
  2. Create any amount of items, linking them to one of the types created above.
Sundry costs are linked to Projects, at which point their monetary value is assigned. This means that the same cost can have different values assigned for different projects.

Completed Projects

completed projects
  1. Lists exactly the same information as Open Projects, above.
  2. Selectable date range ( defaults to the year to date ).

Income Reports

income reports
  1. Break income down by Date, Client or Project.
  2. Selectable date range ( defaults to the year to date ).
  3. Turnover as a percentage of the time period's total, so you can see quickly which month, client or project was the most productive.
  4. Total income for the defined time period.

User Hours Worked

user hours worked
  1. View how many hours each user has worked, broken down by Completed and Live projects, and then by Project.
  2. Selectable date range ( defaults to the year to date ).
  3. Value of hours worked.
  4. Value of hours worked as a percentage of the time period's total, so you can see quickly which user was the most productive.
  5. Total value of all users' hours worked for the defined time period.